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Agricultural Tyre

Tread Pattern:R1 LS

An excellent all-round tyre with DEBORT's most advanced technology concentrated in the foot print area.

The 70 series tyre's traction capabilities are combined with surprisingly limited soil compactions, this is achieved by

the design of the lugs, which retain their efficiency, thanks to regular wear characterisitics.


Technical parameters

SizeTRATube TypeRim SizeInflated Dimensions(mm)Max Load(kg)Inflation Pressure(kpa)
Section WidthOverall Diameter40km/h
380/70R24R1 LSTLW1238011901900240
420/70R24R1 LSTLW1341812481900160
480/70R34R1 LSTLW15L47915802725160
520/70R38R1 LSTLW16L51617493350160
620/70R42R1 LSTLDW20B61019805300240
520/85R42R1 LSTLDW16L51619515150240


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