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Truck and Bus Tyre

Tread Pattern:HS725

Special designed mine pattern tyre for harsh road,with wide tyre crown and deep tread, which could provide higher

mileage. The large lateral pattern block can produce the driving forces,maintaining excellent grip performance both

in the dry and wet pavern.Truck drive tyre, use for Mining/Mountain road.


Technical parameters

SizePRTread PatternDEPTH (MM)Tube TypeRim SizeInflated Dimensions(mm)Max Load(kg)Inflation Pressure(kpa)
Section WidthOverall DiameterSINGLEDOUBLE
11.00R2018HS72522.0 TT8296108235503250930
12.00R2020HS72522.0 TT8.5313112240003650900


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