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Truck and Bus Tyre

Tread Pattern:HS918

Unique breaker belt structure, as well as tread band/wing rubber prescription with high wear-resisting and low

heating, high running mileage,energy-saved,excellent high-speed performance,best traction, good guidance and

guard against vertical side performance, bead design meets the requirment of being superior anstrengthend,

especially suitable for special use conditions,radial construction carcass makes it comfortable, and also reduces

componts wear-down of vehicles.


Technical parameters

SizePRTread PatternDEPTH (MM)Tube TypeRim SizeInflated Dimensions(mm)Max Load(kg)Inflation Pressure(kpa)
Section WidthOverall DiameterSINGLEDOUBLE
7.50R16  14PRHS91813.5 TT6.00G21580515001320770
8.25R16 16HS91815.0 TT6.50H23585518001600770
11.00R2018HS91818.0 TT8296108535503250930
12.00R2020HS91819.5 TT8.5313112237503450830
12.00R2420HS91816.6 TT8.5313122645004125900


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