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Truck and Bus Tyre

Tread Pattern:HS103

TMS technology and special compound for smooth tread wear. Special pattern design provides good anti eccentric

wear. Block tread.Suitable for driving wheel position of middle/long distance trucks running on good road condition.


Technical parameters

SizePRTread PatternDEPTH (MM)Tube TypeRim SizeInflated Dimensions(mm)Max Load(kg)Inflation Pressure(kpa)
Section WidthOverall DiameterSINGLEDOUBLE
11R22.516HS10320.0 TL8.25279105030002725830
12R22.518HS10322.0 TL9300108435503250930
295/80R22.518HS10320.0 TL9298104435503250900


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